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UK hospitals sell e-cigarettes to reduce smoking

Shops selling e-cigarettes have been opened in two English hospitals. The hospitals, in Birmingham and West Bromwich, are the first in the UK to do this. As far as is known, this is not done in the Netherlands.

At the same time, the hospitals’ anti-smoking policy has been tightened up. In addition, patients and employees who smoke on the hospital premises can be punished with a fine or work-related sanction, respectively, even if they secretly light a cigarette in their car in the parking lot. vaporize smoker is possible online.


When smoking an e-cigarette, also known as vaping, a liquid with a taste is vaporized and inhaled. This is harmful to health, although the fumes are less unhealthy than tobacco smoke, says the National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM).

The RIVM also warns that e-cigarettes are so unsafe that long-term structural use is discouraged. This applies to e-cigarettes with and without nicotine.

However, the e-cigarette can be an aid in quitting smoking, provided it is used for only a short period, say both the RIVM and its English counterpart Public Health England. This also explains that vaping is 95 percent less bad than smoking tobacco.

Supported by this, the vaping shops in the hospitals advertise with slogans like “95% SAFER” and “here to HELP YOU!”. In a press release, the company celebrates the alternative to smoking for employees, patients and visitors. All this in flavors such as blueberry hill, strawberry seduction and brain freeze. cbd e-liquid can be bought online.

The medical director of the hospital chain said in a response that his organization “no longer wants to support smoking, even in the car”. He asks for the cooperation of visitors and patients.