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This is how your future workplace looks like

 What does my future workplace look like?

That question that is of concern for many office workers. We don’t want to sit in an office from 9 to 5 anymore, but our desk and computer are still the same. But not for long. In this look into the future, you can see how the workplace is changing.

Current workplace fatal for productivity

The time of traditional offices with rooms along long corridors and enclosed spaces seem to have had its day. That said Juriaan van Meel, academic and author of the book Workplaces Today. Instead, in more and more sectors we worke in open-plan offices and flexible workplaces. To be successful however, it must have sufficient (unplugged) spaces for meetings or for concentrated work in silence. ‘ What does not work is a monofunctional office, with shared desks in open spaces and lack of ability to ‘escape’, argues Van Meel. Very much a subject to take into account for your next office refurbishment Dundee. ‘Little choice and bad acoustics is detrimental to productivity.’

Future workplace in high-tech Office

In addition to offices becoming more and more high-tech, they are becoming more flexible as wel. A good example is the office that Intel builds in Israel. Both inside and outside the building there for example sensors, so you no longer have to look for a parking space. If you drive in, you’ll be led directly to a free spot. Entrance badge? No problem, because each door opens using facial recognition. After that you’ll see on your smartphone where the available workplaces are. Arrived at your desk, click your device in a dock, so you can work directly on a large screen. And at lunchtime you take your phone with you to see which cafetarioa are the calmest and where your colleagues are.

Smart meeting rooms and mandatory carpooling

The Office of the future is equipped with technology that seamlessly integrates with your work and makes you more productive, without falling. This is also called blended reality called: the merger of the digital and physical world. Near your future workplace you will soon find smart meeting rooms, which can upload your presentation and automatically connect to your meeting partners. Even if with those on the other side of the world. At Intel is there is plenty of experiments going on. The new office of the chip maker will learn even by the behaviour of workers, so that it can recommend a time to take the stairs (if you get too few moves) or come with a colleague to work (if you often too late).

Productive on the go

Your future office workplace is in service of yourself, but also on the way you will get more and better opportunities to be productive. You can already use your smartphone as a full desktop computer with Windows 10 Mobile. The HP Elite x 3 is the first so-called 3-in-1 device that acts as smartphone, desktop and laptop. Such a workplace breathes high tech when you come through the door and to the reception desk, like at One Lochrin Square.


Using a technique called Continuum mount the unit on a screen, keyboard and mouse, after which you can start immediately. You no longer need to drag with different devices and cables. All your data and business-apps are secure in the cloud and are available at the touch of a button. Switching between screens goes flawlessly, because both the interface as apps scales automatically with it.