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Phytoplankton is great for dogs with skin ailments

Phytoplankton is important for dogs, because it contains many nutrients that their regular food is lacking. It thereby fills the nutritional void left by regular dog food and vitamins. This comes with a variety of health benefits, both for dogs that are already healthy and those that deal with problems. It can, for instance, provide relief to dogs with skin conditions and fur irritations. It will cause their skin and/or fur to itch less, which will result in less scratching. This, in turn, allows missing fur to regrow and calms down the skin. After a while, your dog will once again have a shiny, healthy coat.

The supplement also helps dogs with other conditions

Phytoplankton is also great for dogs with arthritis, as it allows them to have less pain when walking. Furthermore, it can improve quality of life in dogs with cancer. It does not, however provide an all-in-one solution. Regular vet visits and treatment from the vet are still necessary, as well as multiple daily walks and healthy dog food. Is your dog already happy and healthy? Then he or she can still benefit from phytoplankton for dogs. In that case, the phytoplankton will boost their immune system and improve overall health, making them even stronger than they already are!

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