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How We Made a Lead Lined Cabinets for Engineering and Environmental Consulting Firm

One day, a New Jersey-based engineering and environmental consulting firm contacted us again to help with their shielding needs.

The nuclear gauges and accompanying equipment required three more custom-designed cabinets.

Nuclear gauges are useful in geological engineering. Radiation sources such as beta, gamma, and neutron may be detected using this instrument.

When not in operation, this equipment needs careful storage and protective confinement.

With the help of its employees, Nuclear Shields developed a design that had adjustable shelves and could accommodate a wide range of gauges inside a big shielded cabinet.

There were a variety of gauges, some as huge as 30 inches x 19 inches and 17 inches, in the collection.

This project also had a fixed deadline for completion and transportation to their California site so that booked key individuals could supervise the installation procedure.

Details about the product

  • Three adjustable shelves of these proportions were designed and installed for this customer by Nuclear Shields.
  • 24″w X 34″d X 24.65″h on the inside; 24.63″w X 34.50″d X 69.54″h on the outside.
  • In addition, the cabinets were made of low carbon steel, with a 1/16″ single lead-lined door with latches + lock. The cabinet was given a gray color with POLANE® Plus Polyurethane Enamel.
  • Part of the design, which we put into action, is a protected 90-degree electrical power side entrance box for recharging instruments.
  • Also added was our heavy-duty locking magnetic handle system made of stainless steel.


The customer was once again delighted and happy with the product’s results.

The cabinets were delivered on schedule from the time of design to the time of delivery to California.

Nuclear Shields also makes lead-lined cabinets for hospitals, nuclear medicine, and nuclear power plants.

Lead-Lined Generator and Storage Cabinet Arrangement

The generator and storage cabinet protect the heated lab from radiation while not interfering with the elution procedure. In the left drawer, there is enough for either a top-loading or side-loading generator.

Additionally, the drawer features lead shielding on all four sides and the bottom, ranging from.5″ to.25″ thick. The drawer top may be removed so that the generator can be replaced. You can get to the generator safely by using the top and side trap doors on the drawer. One side of the cabinet contains two protected areas for holding decomposed generators.

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