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Final Fantasy XIV Dungeon System Explained

Final Fantasy XIV has instanced PvE content in the form of dungeons. They are classified into three categories based on the party size requirements.

Final Fantasy XIV dungeons are instanced locations where a group of players fights against monsters and bosses. Dungeons are a central part of any MMORPG. In Final Fantasy XIV, players unlock dungeons by completing quests. Most dungeons are unlocked by following the main story line but there are also some that are unlocked by side quests.

There are three main types of dungeons. Players unlock their first dungeon at level 15. There are 12 dungeons that can be entered by characters under level 50. At level 50 players, start to unlock end game A Real Reborn dungeons and also hard dungeons. Between levels 50 and 60, players unlock five more leveling dungeons. Once level 60 is reached, a few more dungeons, normal and hard, become available. One of the first things players should know about Final Fantasy XIV dungeons is that they are never really out-leveled. A level 50 player can still get some XP from level 30 dungeons. This is because Final Fantasy XIV implements a system called level sync. Players are demoted to a lower level to match dungeon’s requirements. This means that they won’t have access to abilities that are beyond the max level supported by that particular dungeon. The good news is that equipment still counts so geared players will have an easier time even if they’re missing abilities.

End game dungeons reward various tokens (called tomestones in game) that are exchanged for gear. Max level players will not be getting major equipment upgrades from dungeons. The whole point is to complete dungeons to obtain tokens that are used for gear and other items. Final Fantasy XIV dungeons are an excellent way to level. The duty tasks players with completing random dungeons. Leveling players should prioritize duty as they can win a crazy amount of XP. Final Fantasy XIV leveling dungeons can be quite challenging especially for beginners. Some bosses have mechanics that cannot be out-geared. Players will be placed in a light party of four members (one tank, one healer and two DPS) for dungeons. There are also full parties and raids of eight and 24 players. These become available after level 50. When you play final fantasy xiv, maybe the ffxiv gil is your needed for your playing.