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A summerhouse for children

These days, it’s not just adults but also children who are constantly using technology. When we’re at home, school or with friends, for example. That’s why it’s really important that we have a space where we can’t be reached. A summerhouse can provide the perfect solution to this. With its calming effect, it gives your child space to relax. To create a space that is perfect for your children, it’s important to first be aware of several things. Below you will find several tips for choosing the ideal summerhouse.

Which is the best kind of summerhouse for children?

The first question that comes up when you start searching for a summerhouse for your child is which material it should be made from. A wooden summerhouse has a natural appearance and allows children to feel connected to nature. This can increase their environmental awareness.

It’s also the perfect setting to boost your child’s creativity. It provides a great opportunity to get the children involved in planning and designing the house, from choosing the right colours and sizes to including a slide in the design for the outside space.

For treating the wooden summerhouse, we recommend selecting a variety of bright colours. It’s essential that the paint is not poisonous but does have moisture-regulating properties so that the children can enjoy spending time in their ‘castle’ for longer.

Why get a children’s summerhouse?

A children’s summerhouse does not just have advantages for your child – also for you. While the children are playing in the summerhouse, you have peace and quiet to relax in the house. The summerhouse therefore serves as a playroom, which is a great investment for both you and your children.

At what age can children start using summerhouses as playrooms?

Children begin to actively play from around the age of three. A playhouse is therefore a great option from this age onwards. Actually, a children’s summerhouse is always a great option. Teenagers will probably use it more as a shed to chill out with friends than as a playroom. That’s why it’s really important to select high-quality wood for your summerhouse. Investing in your summerhouse will really pay off because the house will last longer than a poor-quality summerhouse.

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